Uptimio.com - Real-Time Website Uptime Monitoring

Uptimio.com - Real-Time Website Uptime Monitoring

Get instant notifications when your website goes offline. Uptimio actively monitors your website based on real-time loading of your website content.

It's Your Website. Stay Informed.

Seamlessly integrate Uptimio with any website based on any platform. Ecommerce, Custom HTML/PHP, Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, and more. No installation required.

Monitoring Made Simple

If you are looking for countless features like many of the other website monitoring platforms out there, Uptimio is not for you.

When we say simple, we mean simple. Uptimio is based on a very light-weight, easy on the eyes interface that will allow you to monitor your website uptime, and log site speed without the frills.

Ready To Get Notified?

Getting started is fast, simple, and secure. Learn more at Uptimio.com

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